The Wilmington Kitchen Collective is a community-based project dedicated to empowering holistic transformation by providing affordable high-quality commercial kitchen facilities, business development, and economic support to culinary entrepreneurs. 

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"We started with a BBQ sauce for family cookouts that has morphed into a family company.  Being able to use the kitchen means we can safely provide amazing food and products to our customers. We are excited and thankful for the opportunity to work with such an awesome group of people to make our dream a reality."



"I have lived in the city of Wilmington all my life and would like to continue to be an inspiration for others to achieve their business goals too."


"Because I don't have a restaurant this kitchen is going to be very important to my business. I cook healthy food, most of the ingredients that I used are from local farmers. People need more healthy food and affordable prices, Veronica's Kitchen will be able to help some families with this vision."